Term and conditions

We have short and simple terms and conditions to ensure that everyone can understand them and there are no issues with comprehension

By using our services, you agree to our terms and conditions.
You are responsible for the information you provide and must ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date.
The use of our services for illegal or immoral purposes is prohibited.
We strive to provide reliable services but cannot guarantee availability or performance.
We reserve the right to terminate our services at any time without prior notice.
If there are issues with our services, we will do our best to remedy the situation and provide appropriate solutions.
These terms and conditions may be updated at any time, and we recommend checking for changes periodically.
Any disputes related to the use of our services will be resolved through the arbitration process, in accordance with applicable laws.
Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about our terms and conditions.

Term and conditions for KVM VPS
Term and conditions for cPanel Web Hosting

Paypal Disputes

Please do not create a Paypal dispute in order to get a refund, as this will only make the process longer and will create more work for both – customer and us. Furthermore, initiating a dispute will result in an immediate suspension of all services under your name until the dispute is resolved.

Refund Policy

14-Day Money Back Guarantee: Within 14 days since we receive your first payment, we may offer a full refund if your hosting services are terminated instantly. The guarantee does not apply if a client violates the Terms of Service. If the client violates the Terms of Service, we do not offer refunds.
Your Balance is non refundable and can only be used for paying services. You only qualify for 14-Day Money Back Guarantee if you’re a new customer that tries our services for the first time. If you previously had services with us, you are not eligible for the money-back program. You’re also not eligible for a refund if you cumulated more than 10 gb of traffic.
We don’t offer any refunds for Dedicated Servers.